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How to sew double gauze

Today, I am gonna share with you my perceptions and advices about sewing double gauze fabric for the first time. I was lucky enough to receive 2 meter of the gorgeous double gauze from the Toulouse haberdarshery Arrow Workshop. Double gauze is really THE trendy fabric in France this spring. It generated many questions: is it easy to cut? how to sew it? is it moving a lot? Here is my opinion on this magnificent fabric.
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Marcel for Mathias – Ikatee Couture

Today, I have the great honor to introduce my favorite and most precious guest-star!! One of my objectives for 2017 was to sew more for my family. I started with a polo for my boyfriend, and now here are Mathias’ marcels! I would have never thought that I would enjoy so much seeing my mini-me wearing handmade clothes. I am just so proud!!

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