Who I am – Q&A

Who am i?

Let’s introduce myself properly for a start. I am Lise, I am 33, I am the proud mum of a 5 years old child, I work in digital marketing and I live in Lyon, France with my 2men and my cat.
And when I get any spare time… I knit and sew compulsively!

why a blog?

That’s a very good question! I started my blog precisely when most of them were deserted by their owners for social media.
When I started sewing, blogs have been a huge help to learn a lot of different techniques through advices and tutorials. I wanted to carry on sharing this passion for handmade garnments on my own space.
I keep in mind the beginner I used to be and I write thinking of all the useful information I would have loved to find.

why Lise Tailor?

For the french public, I very often need to explain this play on words but I assume it’s gonna be clear for all of your here 🙂

where do your passions for sewing and knitting come from?

My grand-ma was a profesional seamstress and an obsessive knitter. That definitely impacted me. I spent my childhood seeing her creating for us.

Knitting starts:
I have been knitting for more than 15 years but I only recently discovered the modern knitting. I used to knit with straight needles. When I got pregnant, I wanted to knit a lot for my son. That’s when I discovered Ravelry and all its beautiful patterns. Since then, I have pretty much changed everything in the way I knit.

Sewing starts:
Again, I started for my son. I wanted to find him a very thin baby bag for the summer but couldn’t find any nice ones in the shops. I finally decided to give a go by my self and I have enjoyed it so much that I never stop since. I sew much more for me than for him though…

which supplies do you use?

I only knit with circular needles, my favorite being the Chiaogoo et Hiya Hiya Sharp ones.

My sewing machine is a Juki HZL-F600 and my overlock a Babylock Enlighten. I am thrilled with both.

how do you manage to knit and sew so much?

This is THE question I get to answer the most. I work, I have a child, a boyfriend to whom I dedicate a lot of time. However, whenever I got some spare time, I dedicate it to sewing and knitting.
In addition, thanks to a lot of practice, I am much more efficient than I used to be.

are you wearing everything you knit/sew?

Almost yes. I am sometimes not convinced with the final garments but it doesn’t happen often. I never knit or sew for the process only, I always intend to use it. I am a crazy perfectionist though and if there is any type of mistake, I won’t be wearing it.

is this blog a way to earn money?

Absolutely not and I don’t want to. I might accept some parternship to try a pattern, yarn or fabric but my final opinion remains unchanged. I always informed the brands that, if I don’t like what they offer me, I would either say it or not talk about it at all.

That’s it! I hope you know me a bit better now. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you have any further questions.