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Caress my soul shawl – Mélanie Berg

Some projects need more time and effort than anticipated. Those are often the most rewarding ones as they required so much perseverance. It’s exactly what happened here. I haven’t been that happy with a shawl for a very long time but I went to a bit of pain to finish it.

Qwist mitts & hat – Mélanie Berg

Today is all about quick knits, just fun and enjoyable! I was getting slightly bored with a big long project so I decided to take a break with an easy peasy little projects. And here we go with the Qwist mitts and hat!

Seed stitch Sailor Cardigan – Une poule à petits pas

The project I am presenting today has been a tough cookie but I love it for it! I really had to hang up tigh to finish it as I got quite bored at some point. But now that I can finally wear it, I am delighted I did!