Discover our collection of merino, silk mohair and silk merino wool by Lise Tailor.
Soft balls with pretty scalloped labels, everything has been thought to be in line with the brand.

The great return of knitting

Lise P. can finally reconcile her two passions: sewing and knitting. It is a real pleasure and even a dream (let’s not be afraid of words) to be able to offer quality products from her two favorite hobbies. If Lise has been sewing for 10 years, she has been knitting for over 20 years. It is with her grandmother that she started her first rows. So this launch means a lot to her: a tribute to her childhood. Lise Tailor is at the origin, a blog oriented rather knitting which led her to become the author of the best-seller “Je me mets au tricot”. Lise enjoyed sharing with the knitting community so much that she has reluctantly abandoned it lately in favor of fabrics and sewing. Lise D. took up knitting a few months ago and Céline was already knitting, proof that the world of sewing is never far from that of knitting. Lise had been thinking for a long time about offering quality yarns in our colors. It took some patience and waiting for the company to grow to take up this challenge. It is done today!


Discover our wools


The Lise Tailor wools are composed of 3 bases:
Silk Mohair Lace
Merinos Fingering
Silk Merinos
Knitted alone or together, our yarns allow you to realize the lace, fingering or DK models proposed by the designers and thus vary the result obtained. You can easily take care of your knitwear with the possible machine wash (wool program, 20 degrees recommended, 30 degrees max, soft spinning).

Discover our wools


Les laines Lise Tailor se composent de 2 bases :
Mohair Lace
et Mérinos Fingering
Tricotés seuls ou ensemble, nos fils permettent de réaliser les modèles en lace, fingering ou DK proposés par les designeuses et ainsi varier le rendu obtenu. Vous pourrez facilement prendre soin de vos tricots avec le lavage en machine possible (programme laine, 20 degrés conseillés, 30 degrés max, essorage tout doux).

Découvrir nos laines

Merinos Fingering

Composition : 100% Merinos
Ball: 50 g – 175 m
Machine washable (30°)
Price : 8,70€ 


Silk -Merinos

Composition : 70% Kid Mohair & 30% Mulberry silk
Weight : 50 g – 200 m
Hand wash recommended
Price : 11€ 


Mohair Silk Lace

Composition : 72% Kid Mohair & 28% Mulberry silk
Weight : 25 g – 210 m
Hand wash recommended
Price : 9,50€ 



Our Mohair base complies with the RMS standard (Responsible Mohair Standard). This certification guarantees that goat farmers have animal-friendly practices and a progressive approach to the management of their land.

Our merino is traceable to the farm, certified mulesing-free and meets the Reach standard (meaning no harmful chemicals are used).

Our lines are also all certified cruelty-free. This means no animals are harmed in the production of our lines.


Discover our wools



Un nouveau fil de Mohair et soie pour encore plus de douceur dans tous vos tricots!

Notre nouvelle base Mohair respecte désormais la norme RMS (Responsible Mohair Standard). Cette certification garantit que les éleveur·se·s de chèvres angora aient des pratiques respectueuses de l’animal et une approche progressive de la gestion de leurs terres.

Cependant notre mohair n’est plus produit en France. Hélas, en effet, il nous est difficile de faire local, éthique tout en conservant un prix acceptable pour l’instant. Mais nous faisons notre possible pour vous proposer les meilleures alternatives !


Our 18


These 3 yarn bases come in 18 shades in our colors:
Verbena, Nude, Old Pink, Orage, Navy Blue, Terracotta, Plum, Grey, Caramel, Purple, Kaki, Super pink, Buttercup, Lilac, Coral, Sunset and Ink as well as our last one : Green.
They have been specially designed to match our button range and also our precious fabrics. We love the color harmonies, so you can wear your cardigans on your pretty sewing kits for a 100% homemade look.

Discover our wools
Laine Bleu Marine / Sparkle Bleu Marine
Laine Orage / Sparkle Orage
Laine Gris / Sparkle Gris
Laine Verveine / Sparkle Verveine
Laine Kaki / Sparkle Kaki
Laine Nude / Sparkle Blanc Cassé
Laine Vieux Rose / Sparkle Vieux Rose
Laine Caramel / Sparkle Caramel
Laine Terracotta / Sparkle Terracotta
laine mohair prune lise tailor
Laine Violet / Sparkle Violet
Laine Super Pink / Sparkle Fuchsia

realizations with lise tailor wools




We hope you enjoy this new product line and we’re looking forward to seeing your knits!