They sewn our fabric Esquisse

Discover the designers and seamstresses who sewn our fabric for Spring collection 2022.

Our viscose Esquisse
are now part of their wardrobe !

Viscose - Esquisse

Émilie chose to sew the Alizé blouse from the La Petite Frambise brand. You can find the pattern here.

Lise Tailor fabrics are a delight to the eye. Bright, delicate and contemporary designs. Viscose of great quality and durability. Fabrics made with respect for people and the earth. I always look forward to receiving my precious package because I know it will be wrapped with care. Esquisse is no exception to the rule. Pretty spring flowers with soft colors that will delight young and old… 

– Émilie (emilie_trrt_sew) 


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Viscose - Esquisse

Jessica chose to sew the Boréale blouse from the Atelier 8 Avril brand. You can find the pattern here.

The perfect combo for the arrival of spring! I was lucky enough to discover and sew my choice of fabric from Lise tailor’s new collection. I’ve always loved their work and their cheerful patterns, which always inspire pretty sewing. As for this viscose, a real pleasure to sew and to wear. I hope you like it and that it will make you want to sew a nice spring blouse 😉

– Jessica (La vie en noeuds)


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    Viscose - Esquisse

    Le Petit Atelier Fleuri chose to sew our jumpsuit. You can find the pattern here.

    A combination easy to make thanks to the very detailed explanations of the booklet. A very comfortable cut perfect for the beautiful days with its 7/8 length. I particularly liked the version with the gathered sleeves that fits perfectly with the sketch fabric. A very pleasant fabric to wear, romantic and that announces the spring with sweetness recalling the pretty colors of trees in bloom.

    – Le Petit Atelier Fleuri


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    Tell us in the comments if these magnificent cousettes inspired you and that it will be your future creation?

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