Lookbook : Fall 2022

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A walk through colourful alleys on a market day, a sunny afternoon in the shade of an olive tree where you can hear the birds singing… This is the feeling that this new season has inspired us for our new collection! Flamboyant colours, a taste of Provence and the South, this new collection is going to be very colourful!
Meet Wonderland, Birdie and Olivia and many other nice surprises. 
We hope you will enjoy this new collection as much as we do, and that you will want to follow us on our Provencal walk! 💕

Our novelties: 

4 new fabrics :
– 3 viscose
– 1 canva

Yarns : 
– 2 new colours

Our little extras :
– Our first woven sew-in labels
– Lovely pins, needle holders and key rings inspired by our sewing collection


The fabrics

BIRDIE - ecovero viscose

Like a flight of birds in a night sky, Birdie is a metaphor where the bird of peace comes to shine after the storm, symbol of freedom. After an autumn rain, the birds come to sing in the plane trees and call for the return of the sun. On a midnight blue background, bunches of wild roses draw large diamonds in the hollow of which a beautiful white bird takes flight.  On the stormy blue of the leaves, small orange flowers bring brightness like an echo to the sun which returns after the rain to illuminate the small coloured villages.
In a dress or blouse version, this symbolic motif will make your outfit unique. Birdie can be worn over jeans for a casual but assertive style or as a dress or skirt with brown boots for a more chic and feminine option.
Technical details :
– Composition : 100% viscose
– Made in France
– LENZING™ ECOVERO™, FSC and STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified
– Width : 140 cm
– Weight: 135 g/m² (8.5 lbs)

Wonderland - ecovero viscose

Wonderland takes us straight to the heart of Provence, into small colourful alleys where we discover facades with vibrant colours that explode like fireworks. A mixture of bright tones that also remind us of the pottery and the colourful fruit stalls on a market day. It is a real hymn to happiness and the dolce vita where warm colours: terracotta, orange, fuchsia respond to cold colours: electric blue, violet and green. This harmony allows all associations according to the mood, your outfits will dazzle in all circumstances. 
A strong pattern to be sewn into a long dress to assert your style or as a little touch in a skirt or top to match a favourite colour. The vibrancy of the colours can be counterbalanced by notes of brown on the fabric.
Technical details :
– Composition : 100% viscose
– Made in France
– LENZING™ ECOVERO™, FSC and STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified
– Width : 140 cm
– Weight: 135 g/m² (8.5 lbs)

OLIVIA - ecovero viscose

We all remember our summer with the sound of cicadas and the shade of the olive tree. The south continues in September when the precious fruit is harvested green to be served as an aperitif. The dark khaki is a perfect match for the small beige flowers that light up this pattern and are harmoniously scattered on the fabric. The dark green leaves add character. The olive tree becomes a woman with Olivia. Khaki is a trendy colour to create stylish and modern looks. Put on a pretty Olivia dress and stroll through the narrow streets and colourful markets of Provençal towns, listening to the soft sound of birds cooing.
Dress, blouse, skirt or trousers will all fit with this fluid and stable viscose.  Let autumn permeate your projects. Combined with black, white, denim or warm colours, Olivia is a must-have for your wardrobes.
Technical details :
– Composition : 100% viscose
– Made in France
– LENZING™ ECOVERO™, FSC and STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified
– Width : 140 cm
– Weight: 135 g/m² (8.5 lbs)

love sewing - canva

We are escaping for a while from the beautiful and colourful villages of the south of France to return to our first passion, sewing. So we wanted to highlight our love for sewing with a design dedicated to our favourite hobby: on a pale pink background, we find a pretty vintage sewing machine, embroidery scissors, pins, bobbins, threads, little buttons and of course, some flowers! The style is a bit retro and pretty where each illustration is arranged in a harmonious way. “Couture addict ❤️” and “Love sewing ❤️” illustrate our passion perfectly.
Canva, a cotton canvas fabric perfect for accessories: case, tote bag, sewing machine cover… 

Technical details :

– Composition : 100% cotton
– Woven in France, printed in Spain
– STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified
– Width: 140 cm
– Weight: 230 gsm

launching of our yarns

discover our Mérinos

Merinos Fingering : 

  • Composition: 100% Merino wool
  • Weight: 50g – 200 m
  • Machine washable (30°)
  • Certification : RWS (World standard which aims at the well being of sheep and the respect of pastures, certifies the origin of wool and the follow-up of the farms)

discover our mohair and silk

Mohair & Silk: 

  • Composition : 72% Mohair & 28% Mulberry silk
  • Weight: 25g – 210 m
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Certification : RWS (Worldwide standard which aims at the well-being of sheep and the respect of pastures, certifies the origin of wool and the monitoring of farms)

2 new COLoURS

These two bases are now available in Khaki and Violet.
They have been specially designed to match our button range and also our precious fabrics. We love the colour harmonies, so you can wear your cardigans over your pretty sewing kits for a 100% homemade look.


sewing labels

Perfect for customising all outfits and accessories, we’ve developed adorable little sewing labels with cute phrases ‘Pretty in Pink’ ‘Love Sewing’ ‘Handmade by me’ ‘Couture addict’ ‘Cute as a button’.  ✨

A nice sewing machine pin's

To complement our sewing canva, we offer you an adorable sewing machine pin.
Little bonus: the little heart is encrusted with some glitter✨

set of 2 pin's and a needle holder

In addition to our sewing canva, we offer you an adorable set with a scissors pin, a bobbin pin and a needle holder!
Little bonus: the little heart will shine with a glitter finish! ✨

flower key chain

From our couture pattern, we have created a beautiful keyring with 2 anemones in shades of purple and burgundy.
Little bonus: The finish is rose gold✨

We hope you enjoy these new products and we look forward to seeing your creations!


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