“After the best seller Cozy at Home, we invite you to discover Escapade au Soleil. An invitation to stroll through the alleys of an old village, or on the white sand of a beach. This escape is also, and obviously creative: we hope this book will inspire you to create your summer suitcase’

Discover 4 worlds made up of sewing patterns, accessories to use your scraps, but also knitting and embroidery models, all accompanied by an exclusive range of fabrics.

Browse the chapters of Escapade au Soleil and work with different materials: viscose, canvas, Merino-silk yarn, swimsuit lycra, jersey and cotton satin.

The 10 patterns have been developed to guarantee elegance and comfort.

Welcome to Escapade au Soleil! ☀️


Découvrez 4 univers composés de patrons de couture, d’accessoires pour utiliser vos chutes, mais aussi de modèles tricot et broderie, le tout accompagné d’une gamme exclusive de tissus.

Parcourez les chapitres de Escapade au Soleil et travaillez différentes matières : de la viscose, du canvas, un fil Mérinos-soie, du lycra maillot de bain, du jersey et du satin de coton.

Les 10 patrons ont été élaborés pour garantir élégance et confort. 

Bienvenue dans Escapade au Soleil ! ☀️ 

I. Getaway in town

With a pretty light dress, we wander the streets in search of souvenirs that we slip into our beloved tote bag, the one we embroidered! The foulchie that lifts our hair is perfect for this day of excursion. 

The fabric: Bicyclette bleu is a soft, fresh cotton satin, perfect for projects that require a little structure

Sew this little light dress and its scarf in this soft bicycle satin, available in 2 colors

II. Getaway under the pine tree

The song of the cicadas invites you to relax in the shade of the pine trees. For this slow-motion moment, we choose viscose shorts. With its fullness, it could almost pass for a skirt. We combine this pretty volume with a close-fitting knit top. Let’s complete this look with a large basket in honor of the one who punctuates our day, the sun!s. 

The fabric: to sew the shorts we recommend viscose, here it is our Basket Khaki fabric.

Make these voluptuous shorts in Panier viscose, available in two colors

III. Getaway at the beach

Sew this beach outfit with this duo from Cherry: one in viscose, the other in lycra swimsuit

IV. Terrasse getaway

After a day under the southern sun, we swap our swimsuit for a pretty, more polished outfit: the midi skirt instantly dresses us up. We choose a colorful bodysuit, a bracelet to match our skirt, and that’s it.

The fabrics:

Serenade viscose is a pattern that will fit perfectly into your wardrobe and will go well with a multitude of colours.

– The pink jersey of the bodysuit provides softness and comfort. It wraps your curves and makes it the ideal material for this project.

Make this look with Sérénade viscose, available in two versions.