Silk Mohair – Navy Blue


Our silk mohair is a very light thread which can be knitted alone, held double or held with our mérinos yarn (which will makes it very soft and fluffy).


  • 72% Kid mohair – 28% Mulberry silk
  • 25gr ball
  • 210m
  • Weight: lace if knitted alone, sport or DK if knitted double or held with a thread of mérinos.
  • Needle size recommended: 2 (if knitted alone) to 4 (if knitted held double)
  • Care: you can wash this yarn in your washing machine (30 degres top, super soft spinning) but we recommend handwash in cool water, dry flat
  • Certification: RWS (World standard which aims for the well-being of sheepand respect for pastures, certifies the origin of the wool and the monitoring of farms)
  • Colour: Navy Blue

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