Famous for its luminous color, Mimosa spreads a sweet scent of honey and straw on yourwardrobe. We imagine the hair in the wind on the winding roads of the Côte d’Azur. Like a postcard landscape, the azure blue of the sea blends with the ocher that echoes the sun at itszenith. On a cream background for a Mediterranean atmosphere, its sunny and fluffy littleyellow balls will shine on your outfits while the slightly purple blue stems will prolong youin the deep waters of the Mediterranean.

To be sewn into a top and worn over denim shorts, Mimosa will also be perfect for a dresswith a pretty neckline. We will appreciate a flowing outfit and let the sea air caress our hair… let summer permeate your projects.

Below Meije wears our Lisette skirt, Céline our Poleen dress (short version) and Lise wears our Easy Peasy top.

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