They sewn our fabrics as a Duo

Discover the designers and seamstresses who sewn our fabric for Spring collection 2022.

Our viscose Rosée Printanière and Maple
are now part of their wardrobe !

Viscose - Maple

Christine chose to sew the Sofia dress from the Lénaline patterns brand. You can find the pattern here.

” To interpret Maple, I wanted to emphasize first the freshness of its spring side and the touches of pink by staging it with a branch of Bougainvillea. These are real flowers stabilized and then tinted in bright pink, which I was able to find at the small florist in my village. This allowed me to visually interact with the design and to recall a floral universe, of blossoming. 

Then, as I really liked the navy blue background of the design, I thought I should also work on that and recreate in parallel a slightly more subdued summer evening atmosphere, with the pink foliage in the foreground. This choice allowed me to discover that the motif could also remind us of pink stars in the night, a more dreamlike atmosphere. Moreover reminded by the pretty blue of the matching glossy buttons.

And finally, as part of my duet with Emilie, I sewed the back facing of my dress (to be discovered in the photos to come) in the Rosée Printanière and I accessorized my outfit with a small scarf still in the fabric of Emilie’s dress. We exchanged a lot and prepared with great pleasure this work in pairs, also inspired by the brand Des Petits Hauts. We found that our two fabrics harmonized perfectly. The dress model sewn by Emilie and myself is the Sofia dress from Lénaline Patterns.

– Christine (Métaphore Filée)

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    Viscose - Rosée printanière

    Émilie chose to sew the Sofia dress from the Lénaline patterns brand. You can find the pattern here.

    “The second girlfriend is about to take her train in her light, spring dress, a bit retro to meet her friend for a sewing weekend.

    Very pleasantly surprised by the hold of this viscose, which does not move under the scissors and the crowbar! I was charmed by these soft colors and this floral pattern that has a delicious retro touch! I immediately imagined the perfect spring dress that has nothing to envy the collections of ready to wear!

    – Emilie (La Grande Fabrique)

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    ell us in the comments if these magnificent cousettes inspired you and that it will be your future creation?

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