Comète Hack: the long buttoned dress

Comète Hack – A long and buttoned version

We know what you are thinking behind your screen: another Comete hack?
And yes, we told you, this pattern is a bit of a showroom favorite. Each fabric inspires us a new detail, a small modification that can give it another style and create a dress different from those already present in our closets.
Today it’s Apéritivo, our viscose from the summer collection, that inspired us to create a vintage and romantic Comet. Add a few inches, a buttonhole along the skirt and you have the perfect skirt to go on a picnic during the nice summer evenings.


How to modify the pattern?

Lengthen the skirt:
First of all, you will have to lengthen the skirt of the desired length.
On her model, Lise has lengthened the skirt by 20cm.
To lengthen the skirt, nothing could be easier:
On the front skirt piece, cut the pattern on the “shorten / lengthen” line.
Draw a line on pattern paper that will allow you to align the straight edge of the two pieces of the front skirt.
Spread the pieces as many centimeters as you want to lengthen the skirt (in our case: 20cm), always making sure to align the straight edge (in blue on the diagram).
Then retrace the lines of the side seam and the middle front seam (in green on the diagram).
Repeat these operations on the back piece.

Create the button placket:

Now that your skirt is the length you want, we can create a placket.
For consistency with the bust, the placket will not be the same. We will create a piece that you will assemble in the same way as the bust facing.



The changes will be made only on the piece Skirt front:


In the middle front, add the seam value of 1cm + the overlap value of 1cm on the whole height of the piece (in green on the diagram), so 2cm in total.



On this same piece, trace the print of the placket. The placket measures 7cm in total, including the seam allowance (in green on the diagram).
Then offset this piece on pattern paper so you can cut it into the fabric.

How to sew :

Cut your pieces following the cutting information in the tutorial except for the front skirt: the piece is not to be cut at the fold, but twice in the fabric.
Also cut the placket twice in the fabric, and twice in the iron-on.
Make the bust following the instructions in the tutorial and join the front and back skirts at the side seams.


Sew the button placket:

  • Heat seal both plackets.
  • Overlock the outer edge of both plackets.
  • Join the placket with the middle front, right sides together and sew 1cm from the edge.
  • Understitch 2mm from the edge on the placket side along the entire length of the skirt.
  • Press the placket to the wrong side of the front.
  • Stitch at the waist and hem.
  • Repeat these operations for the second front
  • On the right front when worn, embroider the buttonholes 1cm from the edge.
  • Respect the distance between the buttonholes of the bust and embroider the first buttonhole at 3 cm from the edge of the waist.
  • Overlap the two fronts of 1cm (as the bust), and make a stitch of maintenance at the level of waist, positioning the skirt front with the buttonholes on the skirt front without the buttonholes.

Now follow the tutorial to assemble the bust with the skirt and make the finishing touches.


And if I want to double the skirt ?

Don’t panic, lining a garment is not that complicated.
At Lise Tailor, we want to make sewing accessible and offer different technical points to help you progress. The following explanations are valid for all buttoned skirts that you wish to line.

Button placket:

Repeat the explanations above to draw the placket.
Add the 1cm seam allowance to join the placket to the lining (in orange on the diagram).

Front lining:

The front lining is the front skirt minus the width of the placket. To create the lining, we will use the extended front skirt piece.
Draw a parallel line down the middle of the front 5cm from the edge (in orange on the diagram).
Then add the 1cm seam allowance to join the lining to the placket you just traced (in fuchsia on the diagram).
To prevent the lining from protruding from your skirt, reduce the length by 1.5cm.
The back lining: The pattern of the back lining corresponds to the back skirt piece. Also consider reducing its length by 1.5cm.

How to sew:

Start by joining the front skirt lining with the back skirt lining.
  • Hem the skirt lining.
  • Heat seal the two button plackets.
  • Assemble the skirt lining with the button placket, 1cm from the edge. As a reminder, the lining skirt is 1.5cm shorter. Overstitch the seam and iron the seam allowance to the placket.
Follow the instructions above (from step 3 to step 8) to join the lining skirt to the skirt.
And there you have it, you are now a real pro at turning a simple skirt into a buttoned skirt!
I hope this tutorial will make you want to hack our Comete dress.
If you also have an overflowing creativity and this pattern inspires you, don’t hesitate to share it on social networks with #lisetailor #robecomete #hackcomete
See you soon and enjoy your sewing!

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