They sewed the summer collection

Discover our talented designers and seamstresses who have sewn from our Golden Hour collection

Viscose - Mimosa

Jasmin chose to sew the pattern for the Comète dress. You can find the pattern here.

“Lise Tailor’s new summer collection is here and it’s still a dream 💛 I immediately fell in love with the MIMOSA 🌿 On the cut side, I’m doing it again with one of my favorite dresses, Comète, again from Lise Tailor.

I love this cut, I always feel comfortable in this dress, so why not another Comet dress! And I think Mimosa & Comète work perfectly together.”
– Jasmine (@Nahtherz)


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Rosa Maria chose to sew the Kairouane Dress by Bélène Paris. You can find the pattern here.

“Mimosa viscose was a dream to use: a delight to cut and sew, with an incredible drape, making it a perfect fabric for any project. I made a spring dress because I thought the colors and the patterns were perfect for this time of year.
I wore it on a sunny morning for the photos but I will wear it with heeled sandals for a romantic evening.
The fabric is very special, so whoever uses it is very lucky. Congratulations to the Lise Tailor team, you have always designed the most beautiful fabrics.”
– Rosa Maria (@lupariasewing)


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    Vân sewed the Josephine blouse and the Molly jacket from Fibremood.

    “I received a preview of Lise Tailor’s summer collection. I was immediately drawn to this Mimosa fabric, on a light pink background. I really like this medium-sized pattern, very fresh and soft. It evokes emotions in me with each arrival of the Mimosa season, a source of light that announces the arrival of sunny days ☀️
    I thought a lot and I finally made 3 creations with my coupon including a blouse for me and a dress for my daughter.
    This time it’s the Molly jacket from Fibremood! The idea of ​​making a quilted jacket by me has been on my mind for a long time, and if it is also reversible, it’s the must-have, we agree!!
    I made the quilting with a white linen-viscose to preserve the clarity of the light pink background of Mimosa, with an old rose colored thread. This gives a very soft rendering and highlights the flowering branches. I also played with the direction of the vertical threads on the body and diagonal threads on the pockets. Admittedly, it takes longer to achieve but I am so satisfied with the result.
    Now I have mimosa all year round!”

    Viscose - Louisiana

    Pauline chose to sew the pattern for the Gigi dress, which you can find here.

    “I knew from the start that sewing this Louisiana viscose was going to be very pleasant. And indeed I took great pleasure in sewing it: it does not slip, creases very little, marks very well with the iron. To wear, it has a very nice fluidity, is not transparent, and these floral patterns in red and pink tones smell good of summer!Combined with the pattern of the Gigi dress, they form a perfect combo for this season !”
    – Pauline
    Véronique sewed the Aloha dress from Appoline Patterns, whose pattern you will find right here.
    Lise Tailor’s new summer collection is here and I sewed a magnificent viscose: Louisiana. What colors! This fabric is just incredibly beautiful with its warm tones and contrasting foliage.
    The pattern is the Aloha dress from Apolline Patterns, cut a little longer than originally planned. It’s feminine yet unpretentious, making it the perfect cut for such extraordinary prints.
    The buttons also come from Lise Tailor and the color goes perfectly with the foliage.
    I love this dress so much

    – Véronique (@everyseamittakes)

    Tell us in the comments if these magnificent seamstresses have inspired you and what will be your future creation?

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