Our balls love our fabrics…Summer 2023 Edition

pelotes laine merinos soie lise tailor


15 colors and full of possibilities

To help you in your creative choices, we indicate for each of our fabrics one or more colors of wool according to the preferences of each: tone on tone, warm colors, cold colors…
The principle of colorimetry can also help you choose a color based on your skin tone, your hair color and your eyes. The main thing is to always choose what you like to feel beautiful!


Our magnificent viscose full of vitality and colors will match perfectly with our Violet colored wools! Our new Coral color will also be perfect! Our Super Pink balls will also go very well together. If you prefer to bring light, choose the Buttercup color.



If you are like us a fan of warm colors, we recommend the Terra Cotta color. This color will perfectly recall the background color of our viscose. The Coral color will also be a good option to recall the heart of the flowers. If you prefer to slice, the Nude will be a very good idea, because it echoes the small light flowers that dot the fabric.



Many colors of wool match this vitaminized and very summery viscose.
Choose Nude if you want a clear and luminous look. If you want to find the color of lemons, opt with your eyes closed for Pearl Grey, Navy Blue or our new Coral colour. And if you want your knit to match the vertical lines, choose Old Rose.



Just like Limonade, this viscose on a light background will bring light to your outfit. You can then decide and choose a more contrasting color, or stay in tone by opting for our timeless Nude. For contrasting colors, Buttercup will undoubtedly be perfect, as it obviously recalls the small balls of Mimosa. If you want to echo the color of the branches, we advise you to choose our Violet.


We look forward to discovering your associations!
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