We have hacked the pimpante Blouse

This fall, our favorite pattern to sew is without hesitation our Pimpante shirt.
If, like us, you loved its pretty gathers and rounded collar, you will love its shirred version.
Today we are sharing with you a hack that will allow you to make simple transformations that will give a whole new style to your pretty shirt.

What transformations?

On this version we have chosen not to make the rounded collar. The yoke and the bottom of the sleeves are shirred to create a play of materials and we have added a ruffle at the cutout on the front and back.

Shirred yoke

For this step, you will need a fabric coupon and the pattern for the front and back yokes.
Here the pattern does not require any modification.
  • Cut a piece of fabric 2.5 times the width of the yoke pattern.
For example, if your yoke is 35cm wide, you will need to provide a piece of 87.5cm. This measurement is given for a single yoke, it is necessary to repeat the operation for the other yokes (front and back).
We advise you to work coupon by coupon to avoid shirring a very large quantity of fabric in one go, the operation will be less painful.
Shirre your coupon by spacing the gathers lines 1.5cm apart (the tutorial for making the shirring is available on our Youtube channel)
  • Once your coupons are ready, trace the outlines of the yokes on the shirred fabric using the pattern and chalk.
Stitch 5mm from the line towards the inside of the yoke to hold the shirring in place before cutting the contours of the yokes.
Be sure to cut your front panels symmetrically, and wherever possible, matching your smocking lines.
In this version of Pimpante, we have not doubled the yokes to avoid thickness.

the ruffle

The length of the ruffle is equal to the width of the top front and top back, 6cm wide.
  • Fold the strips wrong sides together lengthwise and mark the fold with an iron.


Position the strip corresponding to the front on the front and pin to hold the layers together. Create a retaining seam 5mm from the edge.
Once the ruffles are placed on the front and back, you can follow operations no. 4 and 5 of the tutorial.
Here the ruffle and the top of the busts are gathered in one go.



Making the sleeves requires a slight transformation of the sleeve pattern. Remember to provide a length of fabric a little longer than 10cm.

  • Extend the sleeve pattern by 4cm at the bottom of the sleeve by extending the existing lines.


  • Overcast the sides and bottom of the sleeve before marking a 3cm fold with the iron.


  • You can then make 4 lines of shirring, starting 2cm from the folded edge of the bottom of the sleeve and spacing each line 1cm apart.


  • To finish, simply assemble the side seams of the sleeve and assemble it to the bust as indicated in the tutorial.


In our version, we chose to make only the collar stand. To do this, follow the tutorial explanations to assemble and fold down the collar stand without inserting the collar.

Once all these steps have been completed, you will only have to assemble the elements following the shirt tutorial.
Pimpante is a blouse that allows many variations. It is possible to play with materials, transform it into a dress, add ruffles…. We are curious to discover what hacks will inspire you with our shirt.

And there you have it, you’re ready to hack the Pimpante blouse pattern!

Use our tutorials or your imagination to create your own hacks and share your creations with #lisetailor



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