They sewn our fabric Bliss

Discover the designers and seamstresses who sewn our fabric for Spring collection 2022. 

Our viscose Bliss are now part of their wardrobe  !

Viscose - Bliss

Pauline chose to sew pattern no 16 Sevilla from How To Do Fashion. You can find the pattern here.

” I immediately fell in love with the Bliss fabric and already knew which pattern to pair with it! The one for the Sevilla dress from How To Do Fashion, a dress that recalls the elegance of the Spanish señorita of the 1930s. The little white bouquets on a black background fit the style of the dress perfectly. It was pleasantly surprised by the feel of this viscose, which was particularly easy to work with. Fluid but with hold, and extremely comfortable. Its combination with this pattern fits the body perfectly. The 2 little Feuillette buttons embellish the bust opening nicely.”

– Pauline (paulinebzk) 


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Viscose - Bliss

Lore chose to sew to modify our Bliss Skirt pattern. You can find the pattern here.

“When I discovered the new Lise Tailor collection, I had a real crush on the “Bliss” wrap skirt. I love this very feminine and elegant shape! But I wanted to sew a long version, being a great lover of long skirts and dresses … and to have a version easier to wear to work for example. So I sewed Bliss by lengthening some pieces of the pattern, and we are preparing with the Lise Tailor team a little tutorial for that 😉 This modification didn’t change the sewing steps of the pattern, it’s just bigger pieces. Bliss is a pattern where everything falls right and is well explained. It’s easy to assemble and makes for perfect finishes! The cutouts at the top of the skirt create a delicate, worked piece. The pattern instructions are enhanced with clear diagrams to make the work even easier. The wallet cut with panel system means you don’t have to worry about how it will look on a windy day! (Bliss skirt tested and approved in the Breton wind! 😉 ) This panel also gives a “dancing” movement to the skirt that is very pretty! There are no big difficulties in this pattern.
In terms of sizing no worries either. Being between sizes, I followed the pattern’s recommendations to take the size up and play with the length of the elastic in the back.

– Lore (unfildor)

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Viscose - Bliss

Club Ginette chose to sew the dress Nais of Ma petite Fabrique brand. You can find the pattern here.

” As a beginner sewer, I often have trouble sewing viscose. but Bliss viscose is different! It does not slip under the presser foot, the pins do not get lost and it marks the fold very well with the iron. It was a real pleasure to sew it! 

– Club Ginette


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Tell us in the comments if these magnificent cousettes inspired you and that it will be your future creation?

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