Meet our new sewing pattern : FRIMAS

With all its options, our Frimas sewing pattern will allow you to create a unique top according to your desires !

Long sleeves or short sleeves, with a peplum bottom or not, without forgetting its false button band in the back which will make the charm of this new creation.

Sewn in jersey, you will get a soft and comfortable piece to follow you in your daily routine.

With its romantic yet casual look, this jersey top will become an essential in your wardrobe !

FRIMAS, the backstage

Since the release of our first jerseys last season, we had in mind to propose a pattern adapted to this material.

We wanted to offer a feminine t-shirt pattern with many small details without forgetting the constraints of this stretchy material.

Indeed, it is not easy to make buttonholes or gathers on jersey. That’s why we thought of a fake button placket that will surprise you by its ease (one seam is enough, can you believe it?).

We were also worried that the classic gathers would distort the fabric and make it look unattractive. So we chose another method to make the gathers with framilastic. After a few tries, we were thrilled with the result !

We are very happy to be able to offer you this pattern, which will allow you to sew an elegant and refined t-shirt.

Why “Frimas” ?

For us, this shirt will be the perfect ally for the first days of fall when the temperatures start to drop and the strappy summer tops are back in the closet.

It is therefore THE perfect top for the first cold season to come… hence its little name !

Fashion advice

Wear Frimas with blue jeans, ankle boots and a brown bag or purse to give this outfit an even more bohemian chic look, ideal for all your outings and activities.

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