Comete Fabric #3/3


The rest and end of our saga
You can find the first part here
and the second part here

You might have thought that was the end of the story … but no, there are many twists and turns at Lise Tailor! We never get bored !

After saying goodbye in the name of festoons, we had to say goodbye to Celeste. The name had already been taken by another boss so there was no question of using the same one. If we manage to hide some of our little adventures, this one was much more difficult. It’s early July and the fall collection has already been ordered by our resellers, your darling haberdashery. We communicated on this name for the fabric and the pattern.

PLittle brainstorming between girls,
the name 
Comet stands out …

f. n.


Small celestial body made up of a core of ice and dust orbiting a star.

so mea-culpa to all: Celeste becomes Comet !
A few hours before the photo shoot, we announced the new name of the sewing pattern to Amandine,
our model of the day, when she had been told so much about Celeste.

So if you hear us talking about Celeste instead of Comet don’t blame us too much! Because for several months that was his name.

If you see an error on the site or on Instagram you have the right to point it out to us with a;)

Festoons, Celeste then Comète … finally whatever the name as we love
this pattern and this color.
Now the story of Comet continues in your home, under your sewing machine.
What will be your next sewing project with this fabric?
What are your desires?
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