Comete Fabric #2/3


Our saga continues
You can find the first part here

At Lise Tailor, we never give up and we push our creativity even further in the face of difficulties. We chose to postpone the launch of the Olympe f in which we had sewn our prototype, to the winter collection instead of the fall as originally planned … After all, the colors are perfect for the end of the year! We can’t wait to unveil this fabric to you and you will think back to this little story when we introduce you to Olympe viscose.

So we needed a new fabric for our dress pattern …

  • Change a little of the flowers that are already present this season,

  • A pattern that we would like to wear for fall,

  • A rather dark background to maintain consistency with the entire collection …

Through discussions and discussions about what we like and the pattern of our dress, we told ourselves that the scallops on the collar echoed the roundness of a crescent moon.
This is how the “astro” theme convinced all three of us. We therefore collaborated with a great designer to illustrate our desires for the moon, the sun and the stars… We wanted a scattered pattern that could allow our collar to remain the centerpiece of our pattern. What a pleasure to make our inspirations tangible! We love this part of our job so much.

The pattern created, we then brought it to life on fabric. 
And there, another disappointment! The pattern was perfect, but the background too dark and the designs not visible enough. After several trips back and forth to the manufacturer, we were finally able to obtain a very bright midnight blue background. We have also thickened the lines of the patterns for more visibility.
We finally had the fabric we wanted for our pattern! Immediately received, immediately sewn … and under the spell of this association between fabric and sewing pattern.

Goddbye the little name of festons and hello Celeste!
Celeste ?! But were you told we were telling you the story of Comete ?!
See you in the 3rd and last episode to know the rest.

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